In the pursuit of beautiful fingertips, we are often faced with a choice: Do we opt for traditional manicures or try press on nails? Each approach has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so let's take a look at which one suits your needs and lifestyle better.

Traditional Nail Art: Classic and Natural

Traditional nail art is the use of nail polish or gel to decorate nails. The advantage of this method is its natural feel and convenience. You can freely choose the color and design of the application and easily change it when needed. In addition, you can DIY traditional nail art at home, eliminating the expense and time of a professional nail salon.

However, there are some disadvantages to traditional nail art. Its durability is poor, the nail polish is easy to flake, and the gel will wear over time. In addition, once damaged, it may be difficult to repair and require the help of professional technicians.

Press on nails: three-dimensional and durable

Press on nails is a method of increasing nail length and dimensionality by applying a patch or lengthening the nail. Its advantage lies in its three-dimensional sense and durability. Press on nails can make your nails look longer and more beautiful, and it is more durable than traditional nails, and it is not easy to flake or wear.

However, Press on nails also has some disadvantages. For people who are not used to long nails, Press on nails can feel uncomfortable or awkward. In addition, the installation of Press on nails usually requires a professional technician, and long-term use can have a negative impact on nail health.

Verdict: Choose the manicure that works for you

Both traditional nail art and wearing nails have their unique advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right manicure depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle and needs. If you're looking for a natural look and convenience, a traditional manicure might be better for you. If you want to increase nail length and depth, and are willing to spend some extra time and effort on maintenance, then Press on nails may be a better choice.

Most importantly, no matter which manicure you choose, make sure to give your nails good care and protection to keep them healthy and beautiful.

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