With the accelerated pace of people's lives, people are beginning to lose patience with waiting for three hours in a nail salon to have their nails done.

More and more people are beginning to use press on nails, which allows every manicure enthusiast to update their manicure styles at will without spending more time and money.


As you know, now we can buy a dazzling variety of nail styles on various websites. But at the same time, we will also find that the price of press on nails varies, ranging from one 1 dollar to 99 dollars or even more than 100 dollars. Why does this happen?
We need to understand the difference in the production process of press on nails.

The first is mass machine-produced nails, whose production process is more like mechanized spray painting. Everything is made in batches. Although the color combination looks eye-catching at first glance, the workmanship is actually incomparable with manicure. Friends who have purchased this type of product may be disappointed with the press on nails after using it. This is a normal phenomenon. In a sense, these machine-made things cannot be called nails art, because the pigments they use are not even nail gel.

The characteristics of this type of press on nails are: generally they have 24 pieces and no size selection; moreover, they are disposable and cannot be recycled. Generally, they will be damaged after two days of wearing them.



The other type is completely handmade nails. Their production process is almost the same as making nails in a nail salon. Layers of nail gel and glue are applied and UV lights are used. It is even more delicate than making on fingers.

Under normal circumstances, it takes about 2 hours to make a beautiful press on nails. Although this also takes a lot of time, compared with doing manicure in a nail salon, it saves every customer's time Does not need to One-to-one face-to-face production, the time cost saved is much higher than the value of press on nails itself.

Not to mention, the value of press on nails itself.

After reading this, do you still think press on nails are only worth 10 dollars?


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